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(Frequently asked Questions)

How is the Hot Tub Filled?

Answer: By hosepipe supplied by the customer

How long does it take to fill the hot tub?

Answer: Anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on tap speed.

Do you have to keep the plug in all the time for the hot tub to stay up? 

Answer: the pump will need to be kept on at all times to keep the temperature of the hot tub warm.

What is the temperature of the hot tub? 

Answer: The Hot Tubs heat up to 40 degrees, they can be made cooler if desired.

How long does it take for the inflatable hot tub to be setup?

Answer: it takes around 1hour  to setup and from 1 to 3 hours to fill the hot tub with water.

Is the Hot Tub safe for children? 

Answer: Yes as long as supervised by an adult at all times. We recommend

What we need from you to setup the hot tubs?

Answer:  Strong Level surface 2  x  2 meters  water tap, hose & socket.

When will you deliver/collect the Hot Tub?

We  deliver at 19:00pm day before hire, and we collect on your third day afternoon

How long does the tub stay hot for? 

Answer: all the time while turned on, but  once you turn on the bubbles the temperature will drop.

How do i book a Hot Tub?
Answer: You can book through this website, and Facebookhttps://facebook.com/rentjacuzzi/

How long can i book a Hot Tub for?

Answer: Minimum 3 day hire and maximum 7

Do i need to sign any contract with you?

Answer: Yes you will need sign hire agreement 

Do you provide any chemicals for water?

Answer: Yes we can provide free of charge chlorine which kills bacteria in your water.

Do i need pay any security deposit on delivery?

Answer: Yes to protect our hot tubs and accessories we require £100GBP (Returned on Collection day)

Do you have Gazebos and part lights?

Answer: Yes we do have Gazebo and Party Lights with floating bar.

Do i need take down Gazebo if strong wind starts?

Answer: Yes that's your  responsibility  to take care about Gazebo as strong wind can damage it, you must take it down!

Can i deflate hot tub for your collection? 

Answer: No we can only deflate our hot tubs as we check them for possible damages

Do you charge for delivery?

We charge 20 pound  if you are outside of Northamptonshire if not then its FREE :) 

How to keep water clean at all times?

Users should:
Shower before use
Not be wearing heavy makeup, creams, perfumes or fake tan
Tie long hair up
Remove all jewellery
Wash feet before entering to prevent any grit/grass from entering the tub
Not spill food and drink into the hot tub
Not add any of their own cleaning chemicals or bathing oils such as bubble bath
Clean the filter and remove any caught items from the pipe often

If actions haven't been taken to keep the water clean and clear during your hire,
 and the water becomes cloudy and or has a smell, you MUST empty the hot tub, clean, and refill it.

please note:

Your hot tubs are sanitized with an industrial grade cleaner and sanitizer before your hire,
 are filled with clean, drinkable water from your own taps; the water only becomes dirty by wrongful use.
Hot Tub Hire Northamptonshire accept NO liabilty for ilness, skin/eye irritation or other where the water has become dirty.

Can hot tubs operate in winter time when temperature lower then 4C?

Answer: Yes as long as they are filled with hot water directly from your kitchen tap (we provide connections)