RotoSpa Orbis Solid Hot Tub (5 People)

RotoSpa Orbis Solid Hot Tub (5 People)

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Whether for relaxation, therapy or just good fun, our OrbisSpa circular spa is outstanding. Its contours provide smooth, full depth seating and a generous foot well for the most natural resting position. Superb specification giving the ultimate massage experience.


Requirements for the Orbis Hot Tub

·         A Debris free, flat area of 3m squared (8ft) is required to be able to site the hot tub safely. This can either be on a patio,lawn or decking if its been built strong.

·         The area needs to be able to support about 1300kg with people in the hot tub.

·         We can roll the Orbis up or down low steps but not steep steps. If the total height of your steps are higher than you then it is unlikely we can get the Orbis hot tub over them but if you are unsure please send us a video with some height measurements for us to have a look at.

·         We can not lift the Orbis hot tub off the ground completely as its too heavy and awkward but it does lift up on end and roll into position making it 180cm in Length / height by 74cm width. Obviously we need a bit more access than this to get it in so we ask for at least 78cm width through any gateways, passage ways and doors. When measuring please take into account anything that would narrow the gap like gas meter boxes, window ledges etc and always measure the gap at floor height and head height because this can also vary. If there are any overhead obstructions they need to be less than 190cm or the same from the top to the bottom of a door frame. When measuring door and gate widths always measure with door in the open position at the narrowest point from the door to the frame. You also need to take into account any steps or rises in the ground any closer than 200cm to the door it needs to get through as this would rise the hot tub rolling over it making it too tall to get through the door.

·         The walk way needs to be straight and continuous with no tight corners to get around. At each end of any walkway if we have to turn the hot tub around a corner the minimum turning circle length we need before there is any obstructions e.g. facing walls, trees, sheds etc is 190cm.

·         We need the area we have to walk through to be cleared before we arrive of all objects, including bins and bikes etc.

·         Cars or other vehicles need to be moved before we arrive from your drive.

·         Access to a standard 13amp electric house socket outside or through a window. If you have upvc windows they normally have summer locks to lock the window slightly open with a cable through it.

·         Access to a water supply inside or outside, we come with tap connectors to fit on most inside taps. We also need a drain ideally within 10 metres of the hot tub to pump the water out on collection, if its further away please let us know when booking.

·         A safe, secure area e.g. we cannot set up our hot tubs in communal gardens or on balconies of flats.